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Got the balls to launch a web publication or magazine right now?

Anyone got the balls to launch a web publication or magazine right now?Anyone got the balls to launch a web publication or magazine right now? We'll help you!

A proper COVID-19 challenge

Starting a print magazine or a web publication is normally very difficult. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, starting a publication from scratch meant a lot of hard work. In addition to all the creative work you've got the business side of things. You have to sell advertising, get people to subscribe, invoice, distribute, and get paid.

So what could be more fun than to actually launch a magazine or web publication right now?

Do you have the balls?

Collectively, we need to keep the economy going. At RunMags, we launched a campaign a couple of weeks ago to help magazine publishers digitize their business model in order to drive efficiency and profitability. We've already onboarded two customers as part of that campaign.

If you've been thinking about launching a magazine, you have it all planned out, but was caught by surprise by the outbreak and tabled your plans until the economy is better, we want you to rethink that decision. We want you to launch now!

Our promise - we'll cover the technical stuff

If you have the balls to launch a magazine or web publication in these dire times, we'll help you with the software needed for business operations. You'll have to cover your own Adobe licences, but we'll provide you with the RunMags platform without any financial commitments for a year.

We'll set up and host a magazine website for you, complete with subscriber signup pages and payment gateways. You can use our business platform to manage subscribers and advertisers, plan your publication and send newsletters as well as marketing emails.

We don't expect that you'll sell any advertising until the COVID-19 outbreak has levelled off. Rather, we want you to take the time to build your readership and subscriber base so that you can come out of the gate strong when advertisers are ready to advertise once again. At that time, you'll use RunMags to create awesome proposals and manage contracts. You'll also use RunMags to invoice and get paid.

Let us know you have the balls

We are calling for you to submit your plan/venture for our consideration. We're a small company so we can only commit to helping one entrepreneur achieve their dream. If you have the balls to do this, we want to help you properly.

Shoot us an email: balls@runmags.com

Let us know what your plan is. It doesn't have to be a full blown business plan, but we want to see that you have given it some good thinking and have somewhat of a change of succeeding :-)

We'll treat all applications confidential and will pick a winner a month from now.

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