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Announcing our COVID-19 "Got Balls?" winner

Fiona Bugler Intrinsic WellbeingFiona Bugler is the co-founder of the UK-based publishing company Intrinsic Wellbeing

On April 1, we announced a challenge for publishers. If anyone had the balls to launch a magazine or web publication in these trying times, RunMags Inc. would sponsor the business process platform for a full year, free of charge. Starting a brand-new publication was indeed a challenge even before the COVID-19 pandemic, so we felt that we needed to do something to help someone that was bold enough to start one right now.

After interviewing 12 really promising candidates, we are very pleased to announce that we have picked a winner! RunMags Inc. is a small company and our limited resources only allow us to properly support one publisher. So, selecting one winner was indeed a challenge in itself.

Introducing Intrinsic Wellbeing

Fiona Bugler is the co-founder of the UK-based publishing company Intrinsic Wellbeing who’ve launched the Zone magazine, a publication for businesses, that will cover physical and mental wellbeing at work – and beyond.

Publishing, in particular, magazine publishing has been a North Star for Fiona Bugler, who’s edited magazines, websites, and books – as well as running a content marketing agency. Partnering with Facilities consultant, Chris Roberts, the pair aim to create a holistic content solution and work some way towards fulfilling number three of the UN goals to make the world a better place, ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.’

The RunMags package

RunMags Inc. has signed an agreement with Intrinsic Wellbeing to provide the entire RunMags software platform for a full year, free of charge. This includes setting up and hosting a magazine website, complete with subscriber signup pages and payment gateways. Intrinsic Wellbeing can use RunMags to manage subscribers and advertisers, plan and produce content and also send email newsletters and marketing emails.

Partnership and development

There's also an innovative twist to this arrangement. When we selected Intrinsic Wellbeing, we did so not only because we felt the wellbeing space needed a new magazine. When talking to Fiona, we discovered that she's developed an ingenious way of financing the publication. As we get further along into this launch, we will provide more information, but we are extremely excited to be part of this journey and support Fiona and the Intrinsic Wellbeing team with the technology needed to realise this new publishing business model.

About RunMags Inc.

RunMags is the most comprehensive platform for magazine publishers ever offered in its price range. RunMags Inc. was founded in 2014. Our technology and business model is built for the cloud with innovative solutions that help magazine publishers allover the world compete and produce awesome magazines.


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